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$345 pledged so far by BYOND Users!

Hey everyone, just posting this because a great friend of mine has started up a theater project that he needs some help funding.
He is a great actor and director, and I really think he deserves this.

Although you don't know him, he's a great interesting guy and I would really appreciate some support for his project from random nice people around here.

His project needs $2000 pledged, and it will be funded through Here is the link: the-making-of-eurydice
There is a minimum pledge of $1 and any amount is appreciated.

If anyone does pledge money, please comment below along with your amount pledged and I will match every pledge from BYOND users until my amount pledged exceeds $100 along with my own personal donation.
It would mean a lot to me and to him if you were to do this. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for reading.

Very noble
If this can get over 200$ in pledges, I'll throw in 50$.
I heard "theater kid" and posted a link on Dodger Leigh's Facebook wall. I have no idea if she'll see it or be interested, but I figured I'd give it a shot.
When I get home later i'll give $50 towards it
@SqueakyReaper: Thank you very much. (:
@ACWraith: Ah, I love her! Thanks for that!
@Teka123: Thanks Teka, I'll match it right after I get home later tonight if you've put it up by then. (:
I lied :O i wont donate $50 hahaha... :)

*clicks the link now*
Neat, got its two hundred mark. I'll drop a hundred dollars later today, I got two family members interested in becoming a "producer".
200 mark with only one backer.
Thanks so much everyone, I've added my $100 as promised! (:
Hopefully you can rally your family members as others have to get this project going. I would really like to see this go through! (: