Yeah, I sort of wish I had something great to put here for my first post. Some sort of kick-ass rant about vegans, a severe Mac bashing, the prologue to the epic saga known as my life, or a nice big Mafia update announcement would have been a nice start, but I'm afraid that if you're reading this, then you shouldn't have expected much in the first place. The entire fact that I really haven't anything to say at the moment and am saying it simply to fill the void that was my blog, is made infinitely worse by the fact that a few nosey people will still read this simply because it's listed on the main page.

My only great news would be, at best, considered only mildly interesting to anyone else. I finally bought myself a new processor, mobo, and video card, and the latter two arrived today.

Maybe I'll actually type something worth reading next time. Sorry.
"Or a severe mac bashing"

It's okay, you don't need to post anything long, or cool, or complex. We all still love you! Anyway, cool. You got some new hardware? You should buy an mmorpg or something and play with me. =D I'm still stuck here with a 64 mb Video card and 384 ram..
I'm thinking of picking up Guild Wars because it's not worth paying subscriptions if I'm dial-up (though I won't be after this Summer =)

What games are you currently playing?
Very cool for the new computer. Enjoy College and your faster internet there. =)
Well, I have Guild Wars. I still have World of Warcraft although I uninstalled it. I have City of Heros, although..It keeps freezing while playing. I may need to format to get it working right. Uhm, I have Matrix Online it's kinda boring and also I have Half-life 1,2, and mods! =D Half-life 2 is the best First Person Shooter out right now.
No, Gunz Online is!
That looks intresting, i'll try it out later today. It's in beta so it's free as well. I'll see if it's good or not.
GunzOnline is cool.