Why I love BYOND
I know it might sound crazy to some people but I love BYOND because the endless opportunties that you can do with the software provided. If you have an idea, not sure where to start, BYOND might be the best alternative though to some it doesn't even come close to some of the other software provided out there around the Internet.

Regardless, for beginners, it's an opportunity to actually build your own dream, you can create anything you want to as long as you have the drive and the enthusiam. You have an idea, you can expand on it and create something with the software that BYOND gives you. You can take your idea from BYOND and go further using other software probably more advanced. But from a player's perspective, you can play all these wonderful games, despite if they're ripped or not. Just because something is stolen doesn't make it less enjoyable than the original, just because somethings are changed like the leveling, doesn't make the game less enjoyable. (Its just like music, everyone has their preference, their own tastes and just because you say something is better, doesn't make it fact, it just makes it an opinion, opinions are never true or false) If it has the key factors, or even half the key factors that make the game addicting, people will stick to it. Whether it's to become a GM or a superultra overpowered super saiyan, it provides goals and achievements, it rewards success and that's why most people stick to games like that. It turns out that most people will play games even despite the lack of content or the lack of a well-structured game. Most people won't stop there, they decide to stop using a source that was obtained some way or another and branch out on their own to create their own original dream. I might be the only one here that thinks that BYOND is for both people who want to use pre-used sources or build their own sources. I know a lot of angry folks would come and flame me for that, but that's what I truly believe. Build your own dream can have two different interpetations, one, you can either make a game from scratch, requiring you to study the coding guide hard, practice that coding, then hire a team, reliable ones, then put your plans into motion and a few months of years later you come out with a finished product or you can simply use a pre-used source and build it up from there, your own interpetation of your dreams, which might be to own a server that's almost identical to the actual server. One might think that stolen sources are a diease to BYOND, but I don't think that as much, though I know why the game industry crashed and that's because duplicates of games, shotty ones at that, I don't think BYOND will crash because its excessive amount of duplicate games, some poorly built.

I think the downfall of BYOND is too many trolls, not enough actual developers. Most of these people are all talk, they talk about how stolen sources are ruining BYOND. But they fail to notice that BYOND can ultimately fail because of them, they're not doing anything, they're not developing anything that contributes to the success of BYOND. They're putting down potential developers with their hateful remarks and classifies it as "constructive criticism" or "tough love" but I don't think they know what either one of these things are. Lets look at Silkwizard, he's probably one of the only people to ever put words into action, thus doing so he created one of the most addictive games on BYOND. He expanded it from BYOND, he did podcasts and youtube videos, he advertised on different websites, which all contributed to the ultimate success of his game. For some reason people still hate on him, I don't know what it is, but why is being successful a bad thing on BYOND? With all the subscriptions he had, he probably made al ot of money for BYOND. None the trollers around here has made half of what he made, and yet they still talk about things they don't know.

Lets look at the word, "Original" for some reason this word keeps getting thrown around in the Anime world on BYOND. Nothing classifies anything that was developed in the anime community as "original" as "original" implies that every was produced from YOUR ability to be creative and innovative, you took an idea and you formed a game on it. Then these game creators in turn, kept bashing rips because their unoriginality when in reality, they were the ones encouraging unoriginal games by taking ideas produced by people who took YEARS to come up with these different concepts. The Anime guild essentially created hypocrites, which lead to the ultimate disaster of the ANIME guild. The rips provided the players of BYOND to separate from the other games and still play the game they loved, whether the name or the leveling was changed, it was essentially the same game that they feel in love with before. You can't deny the fact that rips provided activity among the community, more so than most original games out there. But it wasn't just rips that kept BYOND as active, it was other categories as well. It didn't "kill" BYOND, but it did drove developers who were frustrated that BYOND couldn't develop something that prevented people from taking their supposed work, so protection needs to be added. But the reason why BYOND didn't develop something prevented people from stealing was because BYOND thought that people would've been smart enough to not trust so easily, so in part, they're the reason why their own games got ripped. But BYOND still had some responsibilies by not alerting people to the possibility of what could happen when they naively shared their games with developers. But BYOND can't do much, because they thought people would have enough common sense not to be that naive.

So which gets to why I love BYOND, the unlimited amount of opportunties, the drama, and ultimately BYOND itself.

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Stolen sources are kewl, y so many trollz, anime guild sux
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Right here:

Stolen sources are kewl, y so many trollz, anime guild sux