Suukou Faita-

by Branks
Suukou Faita-
An action role playing game based around martial arts and superficial powers.
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Status: Open

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So I really don't understand/know fully what the game is about yet or anything.... but I'ma give it a shot at helping you guys out.

-If dojos are in the game, I think it'd be cool to have 2 dojos be able to go at it in a full out dojo fight.
-Perhaps players can open up their own dojos and customize them with different equipment? (Bobs, punching bags, weights, octagons or boxing rings or whatevers)
-Weapons gonna be added? Katanas, nunchucks, kamas, sais, shurikens, three-sectional staffs, bo staffs, ect
-Tournaments would be cool.
-I think it'd be cool to have it where you go to "Fight Nights" and fight AI or other people for money. Kind of how they do in Thailand with Muay Thai.
-Different countries would be really cool. Like I dunno... going to Japan to learn a Karate-specific move or to China to learn a Kung Fi-specific move?
-Board breaking for the lulz.

These are just random suggestions. I dunno how you are planning the game out yet but I guess here's something to look at to spark a few things. Will update if I think of anything else.
Ganing, do you have MSN Messenger? I think we should chat about this type of stuff since you know a lot about martial arts.