Please someone help me change pic in my profile.. I got hacked by someone, so they posted a gay mario pic in my profile.. HOW I REMOVE IT D:

btw, i am not gay!!!
Hello BlackTheFox,

To remove that image, do the following:

1) In your web browser, next to the blue BYOND atom, hover over My Account and move your curser down to Manage Account.

2) You may be taken to an validation log in page. simply type your username and password and log back in.

3) You will then be taken to the Manage Account - Settings page. Here you will see the image you wish to remove.

4) To remove the image, click the box next to Delete Icon and click Save.

While you are here, I recommend changing your password if you haven't already, and NEVER give out your account password!

Hope this helps,
Well, I am not member.
hummm, good point...

This may actually be a bug that was overlooked when BYOND updated the site.

If you could, can you fill out a Bug Report Ticket, and I'm sure they would be more than happy to fix this.
Hi BlackTheFox,

Just in case you didn't notice, I submitted a Bug Report Ticket concerning this issue, and it looks like it has been fixed.

The image that was on your site is now removed.