Mitadake High

by Devourer Of Souls
Mitadake High
Anime, horror, survival, mystery, murder, intrigue! All rolled into one little school. Ain't it fun?
I guess this is mainly addressed to Devourer, since MH is his pride and joy, and he has access to all the behind-the-scenes stuff, but if anyone else can provide what I'm about to ask for, that would he helpful, as well.

I'm looking for any and every last bit of information on Ramiel (as he/it appears in Mitadake) that I can. Most of all, I'm looking for:

1) The names of his various attacks and what they do
2) His general behaviors and attack methods
3) The various messages that show up when he appears, when he attacks, when he does something, when he dies, etc.

...Technically, I could get all this by getting some people together, and playing a bunch of games until he shows up, but that would be both painfully slow and not guaranteed to net me all the information I'm looking for.

To this end, I was wondering if I could get that information from Devourer, since he presumably has it all at his fingertips-- but if anyone can compile all that information for me, ESPECIALLY #3, then that would be fine, too.

I realize there might be concerns about idea stealing, or ripping you off, or something, so I'll understand if you're hesitant to share such information. If you don't feel comfortable posting or sharing this info, then that's fine, as well.

Whatever the case, I thank you for at least reading my request.
Tobidasu Makaito activated by Ramiel!
Verse 1 (Martyr) activated by Ramiel!
src << "Your wrists and ankles are pierced by a large, sharp feeling!"
src << "No Hope activated by Ramiel!"
src << "Despair overtakes your being..."
Judgement activated by Ramiel!
for(var/mob/player/A in view(src))
A << "Ramiel appears!"
The simple code above is given when Ramiel teleports using a proc and shows the people in that area he appeared.
src << "You get caught in the opening door!"
src << "Your body is internally torn up!"
Opening stuff:
(angels.mid plays)
world << "The ceiling lights exploded!"
(proc to turn off all the lights here.)
world << "The mechanical female voice of the Announcement System announces the following: 'Angel identified as Ramiel. Take precaution in the dark and find Ramiel in the darkness before you die; kill him with sharp things. - The Director'"

To sum it all up, Ramiel can teleport to random turf locations on the map, and seeing as it's the default map only(I think) I'm guessing it goes by the school floor.

Also for his world attacks it would go something like:
for(var/mob/player/A in world)
A << "Your wrists and ankles are pierced by a large, sharp feeling!",10) //Guessing it's a random number.
A.UpdateHealth() //Unless it's in the stats to update.
A.DeathCheck() //Check if the person should die or not.

Some attacks hurt everyone in the world, and some like the doorway which teleport you to a new location on the map with damage.

And, those codes aren't the best, but they give you a good idea of what Ramiel does. Hope it helped, and if Dev has a problem with this, please don't hesitate to delete this post.
I am loving you so hard right now, Braska. THANK you.

...I guess the only other thing would be a little lingering curiosity about how the names for the attacks came about, or where they came from. It's not really important; they just didn't seem to be related to Eva (...Then again, neither did the big huge bug form, but yeah), and it always made me wonder.