Keywords: art, flash, vectors
Here's a little part of stuff i made during last year. Not much pixel-art lately, everything's in vectors.

I've got a lot lot more, but i guess my boss will be mad at me if i show you anything more :P

Wow! Nice!!
Dem vector graphics. Hawt stuff
I am not sure if I can understand what you just wrote, sorry :P

Thanks Cubanbling
looks great... like stuff for facebook games lol

If these are made by you their awesome, maybe you could work for me(paid) & still use the vector graphics you do, just make them more square(like normal square-based BYOND maps), not isometric like...(basically turn/rotate the fence....)

I work with bigger images like your doing there, in the range of 96*96 because im going to cater to players with high resolution displays but whos computer just may not be good enough for the latest games so they use it for BYOND instead....
I work 8h a day as graphic artist, plus i work on my private project, sorry, i just dont have time for anything more :)
Hello there :) Just wanted to update a bit this vector gfxs topic since i logged in.. Im still observing you guys, just right now from the shadow :D

just some random picked stuff from few latest projects

Your amazing
Haha thank you guys, just download flash (trial version of course :D) and try by yourself. It's easier than it seems and you can make this way a nice, big graphics with alpha channel really fast. You just have to practice, i can help with any technical problems, but learnig how to draw is your job
this guy is no wonder a pro...what company do you work for dude?