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by AnthonyHawkina
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Hi. I would like to know if a french version of RP unlimited is available... Is it possible to translate it in any way? else could you add translation support in your next update please?

(I did'nt knew wich post in so i posted both it's NOT in any way a spamming attempt... :/)
Actually I would love to do multilingual versions. Sad to say I am having two problems with this.

First problem is, I personally lack the ability to speak or write in more languages then English (United States). Eve this is kind of poorly *Sweat drops*. But if I could get translation help I would love to offer more versions of the program. I know it would take a lot of work, but still, I think it would be nice.

Second problem, and the bigger one. While translating the game itself wouldn't be the hardest part, but more the most time consuming, getting everyone else to speak the same language as you would be hard needing a translation database and translator. Not to say I haven't played with this before but just never got it working. This would be another of those bigger things down the road but again I would love to work to unite people in RP Unlimited and not be held back by language barriers.

Sad to say until I can fix those two problems, best I can recommend is using Google translate or a like program online. Which I know is more time consuming but it is the best I can do.


En fait, j'aimerais faire des versions multilingues. C'est triste à dire, je vais avoir deux problèmes avec ce.

Premier problème est, personnellement, je manque la capacité de parler ou d'écrire dans d'autres langues que l'anglais (Etats-Unis). Eve c'est une sorte de mal. Mais si je pouvais obtenir de l'aide de traduction J'aimerais offrir plus de versions du programme. Je sais qu'il faudrait beaucoup de travail, mais encore, je pense que ce serait bien.

Deuxième problème, et le plus grand. Bien que la traduction du jeu lui-même ne serait pas la partie la plus difficile, mais plus le plus de temps, obtenir tout le monde à parler la même langue que vous serait difficile nécessitant une base de données de traduction et le traducteur. Pour ne pas dire que je n'ai pas joué avec cela avant, mais tout simplement jamais réussi à le travailler. Ce serait une autre de ces choses plus grandes sur la route mais encore une fois j'aimerais travailler à unir les gens en RP illimité et ne pas être freiné par les barrières linguistiques.

C'est triste à dire jusqu'à ce que je peux corriger ces deux problèmes, mieux que je peux recommander est en utilisant Google translate ou un programme en ligne comme. Ce que je sais c'est beaucoup plus de temps mais il est le meilleur que je peux faire.

(Mes excuses il s'agit d'une traduction automatique)
As useful as regular translators would be, it sometimes comes out with the wrong translations (or translations with very bad grammar) as with the past experiences I've had with em.
k, i see... Tho, i could help in making of a french translation table. If you plan in future to do it i'll be happy to help. ^^ Tho i'm not connected on Byond everytime. But those days, i started playing a lot Space Station 13 so i may be there more than usual. It were because i wanted to host a french server for my french dudes.

Thanks for the translation. :) Tho, i do understand what you though me in english. ^^

Sorry, tho can't help you with databse. I lack of revision of my MySQL. :/

Sorry also, i got long time to answer but i actually had forgot that i posted that. :P Thanks again for answer. :)

See ya. ^^
As of late I've actually been throwing around this idea again, and with how much better online translation like Google Translate has been, I could use that as a basis to start with and it be corrected over time.

The biggest issue for now would be the time consuming aspect, but given the time I can hopefully arrange this with some of the most basic, most popular languages like French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Unfortunately East Asian languages will be out of the question until Byond supports unicode, though.