Ok, I paid for a month of XBOX Live Gold Service the other day and instantly regretted it. My interest in online non-social multiplayer is even lower than expected.
I don't want to play Gears because without a headset (in Australia they give us remotes instead of headsets) because people will just get annoyed that I'm not communicating. Even if it's not the end of the world to be silent during a game communication is still a pretty big part of play.
Saints Row multiplayer sound crap. It's a fun game but I don't even want to imagine the multiplayer population that follows it. I might try it, but I've got a feeling I'll regret it.
Dead Rising doesn't seem to have anything multiplayer and neither does Oblivion.

So yeah, do I get any free junk to download or gold class exclusives?
Pretty much the only other upside you get is free demos.
Buy a headset for $10.
Dead Rising doesn't seem to have anything multiplayer

Dead Rising is getting a Co-op patch in August.
I heard that was just a hoax. Capcom denied it. I really, really hope it's true but I just can't imagine it working out. Imagine syncing that many zombies.
Capcom denied the rumor of the "Dead Rising 2 CONFIRMED" thing, I haven't heard any confirmation/denying of the Co-op thing.