Super Paper Mario, which is the 3rd installment of the Paper Mario series, was recently released. I just got it today, and decided to review of what I played of the game.

First off, they brought back the old Mario tradition in platforming. This makes the game a lot more fun than the previous Paper Mario games. Second, they completely scrapped the turn based battle engine. Everything is just free roam and jump on Goomba and Koopa heads. Although, they kept the leveling system from the previous Paper Mario games and instead of using Star Points to level up, you get points from defeating baddies and at a certain number of points you gain a level. Stat gains are only HP and Power. Power is on every odd numbered level, while HP is on the evens. Power goes up by 1 while HP goes up by 5. They also threw out the partner system. You get these things called "Pixis" which give you certain abilities while roaming around. The first Pixi you get gives you the ability to point the Wiimote at the screen, it freezes all movement, and it shows hidden stuff or information on something if you hit the A button. But on another note, when someone joins your party, you get to switch between him/her at any point in the game. You no longer get the koopas, goombas, boos, or anything else. But, you get Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser. First you get Peach after the first chapter. Also, the chapters are set up like the classic Mario levels. Instead of it being "Chapter 1", it would be "Chapter 1-1" or "Chapter 1-2". I mean, overall, this game is excellent. There are a few things that could've been changed. The 3-D mode is a tad annoying, considering the camera only points in one direction. They could have used the nunchuck to change direction while in 3-D mode, but they didn't. That's actually the only problem I find with this game. They even brought back parts of the first Mario stage in a lot of parts, making this game a lot more retro.

Now, for the scoring. The game gets a 9.5/10 on my scale. If someone were to ask me what game they should buy for the Nintendo Wii, it would be this one. Everybody should go check it out!
Pixls, not Pixis. Also, Bleck was cool.
You should post it on my forums, nice review :).
Too short.

The Wii's games are either all ports (which is fine by me, I really don't mind ports), short, or minigames.

Which sucks.
Paper Mario chats too much shit for me.
Ol' Yeller wrote:
Too short.

The Wii's games are either all ports (which is fine by me, I really don't mind ports), short, or minigames.

Which sucks.

Unfortunately, mostly true for now. But that will change in the near future - Metroid Prime 3, Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Galaxy, and Eris knows what else is coming out soonish.
How could you say Bleck was cool, Smoo, when he spent the last portion of the game...

(half spoiler!)
mooning over (event x, you know, the one from his past)?

I understand why someone might find the large amount of text tedious, but for me and my brothers, it was a lot of fun. Mostly because we did voices for the characters.
(My brother's voice for Dimentio kicked behind!)
But for everyone who didn't hear us, I guess scrolling through pages of text was pretty boring.
But just try and tell me that they didn't do a good job with localization!

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