I just played around with my css . Nothing to fancy just simple.So what you guys think of it?
looks pretty good.
Yea, I agree with DW. Just look into the blue border around comments and posts :)
Thanks for the comments guys. :) This is my second time toying with my css. The first time wasn't that good.. :|
I didn't think it was possible, but it is.
Not only is your forum icon Battosai, desu, but your theme is Rosen Maiden, desu!

I fricken love you desu


How do I add people to my friends list with the new bar thingy at the top?
Yeah i haven't really figured that out ether..o.O but yeah thanks for the compliment gotta love Rozen Maiden :D
Miater Marik's Site > Add to Favorites
I think the text is hard to read... :P
Say, you got a hotmail?
Looks very nice! >,< I'm slightly jealous!!!