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I'm stuck with a question that I can't find the answer too.

I've been reading alot of byond forums, I've tried google, and the search function on byond, but I couldn't find the answer.

So here is my question to you,

If I buy a membership for 6 months or a year; and my game gets plublished, will my game be published for ever? Also will people be able to search for it and find it naturally, even after the membership is over? Or will it be taken down once the membership is over?

Thanks in advance for helping me.

Sincerly, Never die alone
Best response
Your game will be published forever, however the posts regarding it will not be shown after you membership is gone, I'm not sure. I recommend waiting for another person who is knowledgeable with such fields.
Thank you for your comment Avainer1.

Avainer1 is right, once your game gets published, it will remained published.

As for the forums, I think that's the way they are currently set up, but I read somewhere Tom is considering changing it so they don't get hidden once your membership expires.
As of right now, once you create a hub, it will remain with full functionality permanently. I've been mulling over alternate systems where you might require an active membership to have certain functionality on the hub, just so we could introduce things like one-month trial memberships.
Thanks for your comments guys!