So Ive been working on a game of mine, and everything was working just fine, then I let a friend of mine map for me and i swapped the maps. Since then Dream Seeker wont launch the game,
But if I go to Task Manager>Processes I can see it but only end it. I've tried uninstalling BYOND, deleting the Byond folders, even putting the old map back, But none of them work, Any Ideas on what to do?
It's possible that the map has become corrupted (or is way too big/runs over the object limit), or at some point you added a loop that's causing the world to not show up.
So, I need to redo the whole map? I know it something with the map because when I uncheck it in Dream Maker the game launches and everything is fine. (Besides not having the map.)
Maybe. How big is the map in file size and what are the dimensions of the map?
File Size: 2,273KB
Dimensions: 200,200,27

I don't wanna map it all again, Lol.