hello, i was trying to play nestalgia since i saw youtube videos, i went and i clicked play now, it says BYOND doesn't allow firefox or somethin like that,

so then i tried it with internet explorer it said cannot display webpage, page needs program that you dont have installed, i have BYOND installed is tehreo tehrs i need to install?

please help

oh and im mkaing a game and i would like to know how to make a hud, hp bar,mp,bar,exp bar, that changes depending on the occotions.
please help with both questions (lol)
Welcome to BYOND!

Its possible that BYOND may have not been correctly installed.

Try uninstalling BYOND then going to the Download Page and re-download and make sure you run the installation as a administrator.

If you still get a message, it may be trying to ask you what program you want to open byond:// links with. You should pick BYOND.exe from the list.

and you can check out Fourm_Account's HUD Groups if you looking for a library on making HUD objects.
K thanks but i dont have administrator privligaes nor the administrator will let me