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hi i just posted this on the ss13 forums and they said to post it here becuse it might be a byond problem. so when i play ss13 sometimes a pop up saying you are multikeying get out bla bla ect ect
is this like a ip problem or something? no one uses this computer exept me so ya can anyone help me? thanks. Uberpancake
and on a side note the games wont load so i have to use then bookmark thingy to play the games how do i fix that.
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Hi uberpancake,

Unfortunately, BYOND doesn't have any control over multikeying restrictions, I hate to send you back to the SS13 forums after being referred here, but there is most-likely nothing we can do. If someone else on your network is playing SS13 at the same time you are, that may be triggering it.

As for your comment about being unable to load games, unless you use the bookmarks drop down, we may be able to help you with that.

Can you provide more information about the problem?

What happens when you click a byond:// link? Does it open up the blue BYOND splash screen, followed by a connection failed, or does nothing come up?

If you can provide as much information about games not loading (When they don't load, when they do load, if its all games, etc) We can help you resolve this.
yes i use the bookmark drop down and when i use a byond:// thing it works and goes to the game
I'm confused, above you mentioned that games won't load unless you use the bookmarks drop-down, and now you said that byond:// links work OK.

What is the issue that causes games not to load? Please be as specific as possible, take as much time as you need.
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Higoten wrote:
I'm confused, above you mentioned that games won't load unless you use the bookmarks drop-down, and now you said that byond:// links work OK.

What is the issue that causes games not to load? Please be as specific as possible, take as much time as you need.

i mean on the byond application thing..i uhh now you confused me
I would really like to help you out, but we really need more information on the issue.

If you could restate the issue, and provide a step by step guide that causes the issue, that would be very useful. If your having a problem finding words to describe what is happening, perhaps a screenshot or series of screenshots may shed some light on the problem.
My guess is when clicking play on the games on the website (possibly specific games) they don't load, connection failed, etc...

As for bookmarks, referring to the bookmarks in the pager showing things youve played recently or added there manually....

---As Higoten said we still need more information on what it does when you click play on a game on the website vs. the bookmarks list in the pager...

If you mean unless you join using the bookmark link for the game it wont let you play(multi-key message) it may be a code problem or the ip is genuinely in-use by another player...

The only other issue would lay in a BYOND problem which is highly un-likely unless theres a SERIOUS issue & code is running wonky & in-correctly in certain situations not executing as intended....
ok i tested some stuff out and the games are loading but the game PAGE on the downloaded version of byond wont load so i have to use the bookmarks or the website. is that enough info?
allso to do with the multikeying think there is somthing big going on at the ss13 forums 5ish people have been banned for the same reason i dont know if this is a problem with codeing but ya just thought i would say that incase some one wants to check that out
Thank you,

I think what you are referring to can be shown by this screenshot:


This feature of the BYOND pager use to link the BYOND guilds (BYOND RPG, BYOND strategy, BYOND Action, etc) to the pager, but now, because of the resent site update, guilds have become redundant, and likewise, have been removed.

This Games in: drop-down doesn't serve a purpose anymore, as it has been outdated, and will be removed in the next BYOND software update.

As for your multi-key problem, this is something that we at BYOND help have no control, whatsoever on, and it is most certainly an issue that the Space Station 13 staff will have to help you with/ correct.

I hope we were able to help you out, and thanks for being patient with us.
Yes, the window Higoten showed is what doesn't load for me as well...

However if you have a problem with multi-keying in SS13 & nobody else in your house(or you in another window, even logged into another key, including guest...) then you should post the problem as a bug report in SS13 & try & get help in fixing the issue...

Personally I hate games that disable multi-keying because if my brother sees me playing a game on BYOND generally he wants to play too.

---Also using programs that will allow you to run BYOND through proxies, or remote connection to another computer tha BYOND is installed on can allow multi-key blocks to be gotten around, i'd just prefer it not exist or it works at the least based on the computer ID, which should be unique...although it changes every time you restore so i'm not sure it can't overlap for multiple people by a very rare occurence...
its apparently a bug with ips or somthing apparently due to a new ip system (or somthing) more then one person may have the same ip i dont know the coders on ss13 forums are looking into it. and thank you guys for the help it is appreciated. sincerely Uberpancake (i am so formal lol)
Multikey restrictions are something individual games do, and some do them better than others. SS13 was originally written when developers only had the IP as an option to prevent this, but with computer_id they should now be able to see at least that two people with the same IP are on different computers. I know SS13 has evolved from its original codebase, but maybe it just isn't savvy enough to be using this.

SS13 being what it is, I don't know if multikey restrictions are all that useful. You can't meaningfully control two characters at once and if you did, at least you'd avoid the annoying fate of getting welded into a locker or something. The restriction is probably something you could persuade the host to turn off.