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Hey guys, what's up?
I just found this site and program today when I asked for help programming a new card game I thought up.. so I came over, looked over the site, signed up, and downloaded the program.
However, I need help with two things.
1. I need help finding how to actually USE the programming language.. When I click "Make your own games" on the Home tab, it just directs me straight to the forums O.o
2. A little bit of help making the card game in the first place. Or, rather, how to do the following things:
a) Make a playing field
b) Give players the ability to place cards (custom cards of course, this isn't a card game with a normal deck of cards..) on the playing field
c) Have each player start with 50 HP
d) Give each player a place to enter a number and click a button; the number will be added / subtracted from that player's HP, depending on which button they pressed.
e) Have a small chat bar where the two players can talk.

Best response
Hello Coover,

Welcome to BYOND! The forum post below has a list of resources for learning the DM language:

Welcome, Novice Programmer!

After you've read through some of those and start to get a general grasp of the language, experiment a bit and see what you can make with what you've learned. Don't expect to start working on your dream project right away--start small with simple "proof of concept" projects. If you get stuck, feel free to post individual, specific questions in the Developer How-To forums if you aren't sure where to start, or in the Code Problems forums if you have some code written but need help debugging it.

Hope you enjoy your time here :)
Also, I noticed there's a second post with the same stuff here.. I guess I did that by accident... although I don't know how O.o
Sorry about that.