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Hello, I have came recently to Build Your Own Net Dream(BYOND).I do not know if I am in the good place to write this.But,I need a person (Member) that could teach me the DM Language.I am in need of one.I have tried to read the DM Guide twice.But,that becomes annoying and Boring.If you can,will you be able to help me?
In my opinion "Boring" shouldn't really factor in. If you want to do it then you must deal with the gritty stuff sometimes I think.

As far as that goes there are multiple "My First World" type of scenarios; though I am not sure how many are still around.
And a great deal of libraries & demos to help you understand concepts if you feel them needed.

BYOND also features a Code Problems sub forum where you can receive help on a function not working to your desired interest.

I don't think many members are willing to do 1-on-1 type of things though. But I do hope you stick with it; and welcome to BYOND!
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Indeed, you are probably right. Because, my English is not that good.So,I have some difficulty to read the Dream Maker Guide. As my post said, I have tried to read the DM Guide twice.I have been until the third chapter and I did not understand the chapter that preceded.
This is really a shame.
You seem to really want to learn it; and for that I admire you for doing more then most. Truthfully you probably should have stated your understanding of the English language not being very well and time could of been saved on my previous response.

I am not sure of too many programmers here being bilingual who may be able to assist you fully. The only thing I can thing to perhaps do is try feeding the guide through a translator to your primary language perhaps and see how that works for you?

Perhaps stating what language would be best for you to try and possibly outreach to any users who may speak that language as well as English? It's a long shot; but worth a try.
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I can understand English. But the real problem is how, in the Dream Maker Guide, they talk.

I have to find someone that can talk, like not newbie but a normal English.

Sadly, I can't translate to my language, since I cannot read in my primary one. I think in the reading, I am better in English. But as I said, the way they talk(Not the with DM Language), is really hard to understand. Otherwise, I can still try to read it again. Even if it's difficult, I really want to create a game in this wonderful website.
Well,I have start reading the Basic Tutorial(HTML, DM and others).I think that I could become a coder in 1 Year.Who knows? By the way,I can code turfs !


Congratulations; and God speed! Hope you start making good progress. But don't rush it.
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Gekko Moriah wrote:
Well,I have start reading the Basic Tutorial(HTML, DM and others).I think that I could become a coder in 1 Year.Who knows? By the way,I can code turfs !

> turf
> Grass
> icon="Grass.dmi"
> icon_state='Grass'

You're doing it backwards, icon = 'Grass.dmi' (single quotes), and icon_state = "Grass" (double quotes).
Didn't even look closely at that; how foolish of me. At least he's making an attempt and isn't waiting for a source to be released somewhere though. Yes, I've become one of those guys who try and remain optimistic.
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Well someone could sit down with you & help but I know someone who has been working on a coding translation sytem themselves which may help and factor into this...

This means whatever language or general syntax(even in english) can be translated to actual code or if you just want small syntax changes such as "var" to have to be typed out to "variables" or you want to make it so a list of items can be defined as text like a=list(One,Two,Three)as text for example is possible it could do things like this but modify it to DM's language/syntax(in english)

---The syntax thing being worked on is meant to be for complete dummies to DM & allow approaches like dragging lists or clicking a button to create a list & tell it what data to put in will do all the back-end translation & programming for you instead....

--If your interested just say what you need & I will contact him so he can give you some information about it & how to get it running with your language/syntax needs.
@Neimo: Oh did not know that, it was the opposite. But thank you for the info.

@Superbike32: Well I am actually interest in this.If it does not give you too much work to contact him.I will be glad!

Thank You ! (But I am still going to try the DM Guide, but if you can contact him that'd be easier for me).
OK then, just give me a little info & I can send him a request for the program...such stuff as what language you'd prefer & a possible basic syntax for a few things(written in your language of choice)

He doesn't have the languages all in one program because the size of the translation he has running through his own custom code so he has them split up so the size of the program you need to get wont be a gig...he supports a lot of different languages...
I will talk about that tomorrow, if you do not mind.I got bunch of things to do.I am sadly going to leave in a few minutes,I will probably talk about those information tomorrow. By the way, Thanks.
I wanted to create a new topic, but i saw these one and think that it`s very similar to my problem... English isn`t my native language too, and I really want to learn BYOND syntax... May I have some contact information of this person too? I`m not sure if he could have time to teach me too, but I will be wait as long as it is needed... So can you give me some contact information of him? I will be very glad to speak with him.
Here is my e-mail adress:
(Dont look at the .ru, i am not a russian, though)
Nitros, I have to talk to him, he doesn't like his contact information given away to others unless he gives it to them himself...

I can get it from him for your language & some basic syntax you'd like to be able to use though....

What language do you want to program in & what's some syntax you might choose to use in that language...

The program can convert a few different types of syntax's automatically where the styles overlap other programming languages(like C++ C# F#, VB, etc....the more powerful languages you use when using the microsoft development tools)

I personally don't use most of them unless i'm making a program(offline or has no authentication/hack protection not needed) because my dealing with networking & security myself is just not desired(at all)...thats why i use BYOND...

Likely your choice of syntax will come close to some other language whether it be html, xml, one of the others mentioned or just a simple language barrier conversion, and programming using DM syntax still...

---He will not be able to teach you how to program(either now in english or in the language of your choice if you decide to use the program that will allow you to code using your language)
So you tell me what language you want & tell me how you'd want to be able to program it, say you want to type in...

sendmessage hello player...welcome!

to set when someone logs in...send them a message...

basically I need whatever language, russian, spanish, english but different syntax, stick with DM syntax but a different language, etc....

what language & such do you want to program in?
Let it be russian.

Russian isn`t my native language too, but i understand it very well.
SuberBike32 add my key, so I can give the Info.
While I'm not knocking BYOND, the DM guide is quite outdated although it will help you with the fundamentals. I wish we had people who would sit down and teach it 1 on 1. Or maybe made a more newish guide.
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