I was going to call this post "Screenshots of something I've been playing around with lately", but decided that was far too boring.

So without further ado, here are a couple of screenshots of something I've been playing around with lately:

eh what is it?
It looks quite explosion-related.

I like.
It almost looks like a puzzle game. :o
It's a competitive tile-based spaceship building game in which the objective is to destroy the enemy's spaceship - or more specifically, all enemy cabins. The cabin is the tile with the stick figure in it in the second screenshot.

Normally you can only build things that are connected to your cabin. The screenshots are from the sandbox mode, in which this restriction does not apply.

And, yes, there are lots of explosions.
Wow! Is that the new beta for Mayhem Intergalactic? The graphics rock!
Ha, ha. No it's not, and no they don't, they're placeholders. =)
Heh, the graphics remind me of the tutorial I learned A* pathfinding from.