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<--(11:11 am) Toonie: how old are you revojake xD am 17
-->(11:15 am) Toonie: 13. 14 august 2nd, why?
<--(11:17 am) Toonie: have you ever played big fat awesome house party on cartoonnetwork site its very fun especially since you can create imaginery friends of your own and do chores favors and do minigames until new chores and favors are available the next day
-->(11:20 am) Toonie: No...

Wow, I figured he would criticise me for being in that age group that often falls to sterotypes thinking that all of the 13 year olds here need to leave and/or only hang out in the Naruto section.

Anyway, I got off on a little rant there. Basically, I want you guys to post some of the odd or amusing pages you have gotten. Mine was just weird...
Hes 17 and plays games like that? :O
Spade489 wrote:
Hes 17 and plays games like that? :O

Nothing wrong with that, hahah. I used to play alot of those games until i was around 16 early 17.
Any page of mine is a weird page.
Mainly because people don't page me.