by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.

Today I'm showing off some of the new things being done for 0.4, and I'm playing through the first 2 dungeons in the game with my friend to showcase the beginning of the game and the HUGE amount of flexibility players have when developing their characters.

If you want to see the video in the best quality(closest to actual game) view it on
http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=75NsSjHQVWM&feature=player_embedded#! in 480p

NOTE: this is a video of version 0.4, which has not been released. being a video of a version still in progress, changes are very likely to happen between now and the time that said version will be released for public consumption :p
Lul, music is louder then you at the end. The first time I played it had major lag issues, which have apparently been fixed? Sadly I've downgraded back to public release of BYOND (needed to compile pre-Beta) and I won't be re-downloading Beta build. BUT, once the Beta becomes a public release, I'll definitely check this game out, extensively. Some aspects I'm less interested in (wire placement/wire cutting) but hopefully there won't be too much of it. It seems like you said you're stuck with the spells you learn, unless I misunderstood it. I hope so, because it should definitely be possible to learn new spells (over top the old spells). Weapon/equipment customization looks pretty interesting though, I'll look forward to... beta release I guess.
yeah, the lag problems were fixed in 0.3

you're not stuck with the spells you learn, they overlap the old ones as you go. So say you've learned 5 projectiles and you get a book which teaches a better one- you just drag it to overlap the spell on your hotbar you no longer want. that's how ability progression was designed :)

and customization/player choice was a huge focus point! In 0.4, players can use enchantments, gear dyes, crafting, and more to have many, many different versions of just one item.(a bow could be a red swift bow) On top of that, there TONS of items to collect an experiment with as you progress, making possibilities literally endless.
"This should be pretty obvious that I've played this many times before" <-- One would hope so, Yut.

Just messin'!
Looks great though. I would definitely like to play this.
thanks! we try very hard to make the game as fun as we can and listen very carefully to every single bit of feedback we get and i'm putting everything i've learned about game design and MUD design from the last 4 years into this to make it something worth playing :)
I thought up a different way to do that wiring that you have in the game. It could be made into a mini-game, a little box pops up and you'd have to place the right wires at the right spot. It would have a few rows of wires, and they would be jumbled up criss-crossing each other, the wires are colorless, but the starting point and ending point have matching colors. The idea would of course be to connect the right colors together. If you fail, the door/chest breaks and is unusable. This would obviously only work on optional doors/side roads, but it seems more interesting then placing wires down. I'm not sure if other players would support this idea, or you yourself, but feel free to consider it.
The problem with that is that it is actually more complicated then what we already have. Wiring in the game is simply a way of connecting one power source to the other. Certain aspects have been modified to be user-friendly, so that for example if you face a locked chest then your character automatically places wire on that chest.

Overall, wire use is just a mechanic that offers an alternate kind of "key" for users to figure out simple puzzles. It is far from being an important feature, and after one or two dungeons it is second nature to use it. There have been no consistent complaints about the system, and if you played the game on an earlier release then you might be surprised to see how simple it is presented in more recent versions.
The wire thing is pretty cool and just fine imo