so basically thorg is here at my house for like a week or something everyone say hi to him. maybe a special edition of the ben and dale show is in store.
i live like 45 mins away from you. I am watching you thorg. Yes, you.
Hi Thorg
he is wearing gray socks but mine are white
dale is sleeping now goodnight dale
Ben G wrote:
dale is sleeping now goodnight dale

hav buttsecks with him
do it ben and dale show i want to be on it me please me

a guy I know from the e-web is staying at a friend of mine's house for this week, too.

today he called me at 1pm and said "hey it's Tim, Chris is at work can I come over?" and I kind of begrudgingly accepted (I was asleep, because I had had no more than two or three hours of sleep over the weekend because of things going on in my life)

then he came over and I sat on my couch and slept for 6 hours while he watched TV and didn't say anything.

note to self: never have someone from the internet at your house while you are dealing with life-shattering things.
why is your life being shattered??? dale also sleeps a lot because he is a bitch