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You see, I want to become more familiar with the programming language and I want to be able to do things that I'm unable to do. I've seen people who have been here for a shorter time than I have and have achieved a greater programming skill than I have. Some would say, Read the Guide and then I would say, it's too long and it doesn't tell you how to do things you need to do. It just gives you the tools you need to construct. It doesn't give me the instructions.

Some would say "Try making a game", and I'd reply back "With what ideas?" Surely when you're going to make a game, whether it's small or large, you're going to need ideas.

Side Question: If you're a programmer, how did you start? And how did you come to your current height?

Maybe I'm just being foolish in not doing one of the two options. Either way, please enlighten me! :)
If you don't have any ideas, you could try doing a parody of a classic arcade game. Asteroids, for example, has some great challenges to it, especially if you try to recreate the wrap-around effect.
Another great loved multiplayer/casual has been the Bomberman games. Feval is a great example of how you can recreate the classic.

But what you could do is add more interesting challenges and options for game play experiences.

Or you could start small and do what DarkCampainger suggested and do a classic parody; Or perhaps start with a singleplayer NES/SNES style RPG?
Not everything needs to be multi-player.
Really simple ideas take like a second to come up with: Your a duck, you eat food that's dropped by strangers, you attack people who are jerks to other ducks, food heals and gives scores, jerks damage and try to kill you. Sure it's a ridiculous game, but it's still an idea that you can make a game with.

That being said, it's still a really simplistic game. I've learned quite a bit from others, but I suppose that's after I've had enough knowledge to work on games. Often when joining a team you can learn from the other programmer, and often vice versa. Honestly to get started, I would just suggest making games, make good use of the DM reference and Libraries, those always helped me the most.