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Well I want to propose the ability to subscribe not only to posts & such like now where you get notifications if someone replies to a post or such like that...

But I propose you can subsribe to a leaderboard, so for example say you want to be updated on when someone knocks you down on the leaderboard you can be aware of it & go to take back the top spot...especially good for games to give competition where possibly the best scores can you earn you some extra cash while you hold the top score, but only if you can hold it.

It can be made to send notifications by e-mail & other methods like IM already from in-game & possibly it can be made to page someone automatically using the paging methods from DM but there needs to be a way to subscribe to leaderboards...

It needs to be flexible apparentally since the leader-boards are non-standard by what i've seen talked about, guests all up in the leaderboards, using the users in-game chosen name instead of the name of their key, etc....when keeping track of people with leaderboards in some games it's not exactly it would need to be standardized in some way or subscribing to a specific player/name would have to be done so you can tell it who your supposed to be in that game or who you just wanna track if tracking a friend for example...

As for flexibility you might be able to subsribe to X person making you lose the top position or top few positions or maybe someone whos making a lot of ground towards the top position.

---I'm not exactly sure what would be a good way or even one of the better ways to do it since it's not standard how the scoreboards are populated....either by name or a guest account being able to be listed or not.