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Heres the problem, I wanna play BYOND on my Linux because my Windows' power supply is broken. Problem being is that I can't even run the pager, nothing happens, and I have searched the forums but no one makes it simple. It is simple and excuse my french here but Complete and Utter "Bullshit". The fact being that its to complicated to set up BYOND to run on the Linux and that they always focus on Windows, It shouldn't be honestly to hard to make it so you can run BYOND games on Linux without having to jump through hoops and do things that are beyond the mental capacity of some (myself included)
Really I could use some help and please for the love of god make it simple
Hi Kingk11,

Unfortunately, you can't run BYOND natively in a Linux build, you can only host a game in Linux.

That being said, you can use a Windows emulater (WINE seems to be a popular choice) to emulate Windows and play BYOND games.

hope this helps,
It's certainly possible to run Linux on BYOND using WINE, though a common problem is that BYOND cannot write to the file in which keys are stored properly unless you have sufficient permissions.

Be advised however that, whilst it will run, it does not run especially -well- even on a high-end desktop. ;) You probably won't be playing any fast-paced action games.
You can also use Virtualbox to run a Windows machine inside of a Linux machine.