ok so im making a game and ive made a map but ever time i start the game the map area is black noting but black PLZ HELP
You haven't given much information, but here:
2 possible fixes for your problem would be:
1) Have you defined any turfs, and placed them on your map?
2) You possibly placed turfs in the middle of the map and you aren't locating your mob in the right spot.

If your problem is number one make sure you are defining turfs correctly.
icon='ground.dmi' //change to icon file (must be in the same folder)
icon_state = "state" //if nessacary.

If its number two, make sure your locating your mob correctly for when you log in.
src.loc=locate(x,y,z) //change x,y,z to the coordinates of your choice
//(where the ground would be)

Good Luck!
It may also be possible that you forgot to click the little checkbox next to your map file.
THANK U SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!