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Not Feasible
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
it would be cool if it has it if the other midi device has soundfont support it will boost the quality of the midi if the person has downloaded a decent soundfont like fluid r3 gm soundfont.
It would suck for the player if they didn't have that Midi device. If you could choose a MIDI device, it would have to be installed on their computer too.
er it could be optional though but not server based but client sided
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And I heard just recently that client-side files are not good to use and can be hacked easily.
yea like the cache folder
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The cache can be hacked, although the difference is that it won't affect the server because the cache doesn't affect anything in the server. It's just downloaded songs that are later reused and if they are modded it will just delete the file or copy over it.

Mostly the cache is for less delay for sounds, but it won't really affect the server with a virus like Client-side can.
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If the cache didn't already remove or replace modded files, it would also only affect your game-play not the server. Just sayin'.
yea i know btw were going off topic were talkin about the midi device select XD
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Ok, but if there was an easier way to do this I would be for it.

Maybe have the player download the MIDI device via cache during the splash screen? Or possibly have them do a mob/Run() and have a zip file with the midi driver installation inside of there for them to run.

I can't think of any other ideas.
umm its built into the pc lolz
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Yeah but what if they don't have the same MIDI Device? How are they going to hear it the same as you?

I say the midi device usage should be through the cache if possible instead of the MIDI device on your computer. Although this poses a problem for people without byond installed (running an EXE to run an executable) but the splash screen can check to see if theres Byond installed and if not it can just load their midi device.

This is all ideas btw.
or load their default midi device
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Yeah but that goes against what you wanted to accomplish in your first post.
but what u made me think is that if there is no extra devices found on the system use default
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No that's if they don't have byond installed.
I'm thinking have a MIDI driver load from the cache if they have byond installed, however if they are running from an EXE and don't have byond installed, then it just loads the default.

So in essence, its loading a midi device in the cache if they install byond. If not it will just use theirs or possibly save it into a separate cache.
yea that too
There's really no way we're gonna get into auto-installing soundfonts and such. That's just way too low-level and not worth the time.

If keeping the sound identical is a concern, you already have a superior alternative: Module formats like .mod, .xm, .it, .s3m, and the hybrid .oxm (.xm with ogg-encoded samples). You also can use .ogg files for music.
Lummox JR resolved issue (Not Feasible)
? feasable.....
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