At the risk of looking like a copycat (copysquirrel?), as of now I am taking a hiatus from BYOND, and the other time-sucking websites that I frequent. Unlike Jt, I'm not going to limit my internet access or computer use, since part of the reason for this hiatus is to give me time to work on Mayhem Intergalactic, among other projects. But lately I've been compulsively spending hours every day on various BYOND websites, and getting absolutely no enjoyment out of it. So I'm taking an enforced two-week (at least) vacation, courtesy of the parental controls on my router.

Ze forums! Zey will fall into chaos!
Blame the newbs.
We should make a Crispybot that moderates the forums for us!
Don't leave me alone in the darkness!

Hug me, I'm scared ;_;
Crispy. read this! Live it! (I'm sure you've already read it.)
Don't help the help-vampires! :(
Wow, see you.
That's cool, I can take over your job. Just give me your password.