Applies to:Website
Status: Redundant

This feature has already been implemented, or is already achievable with existing methods.
It could just be a simple matter of not everyone adjusting to the blog disappearance and forum integration yet really. Just wanted to say that before it's said in comments.

Before on blogs there were always those non-member users using their blogs to hold their trivial chat discussions. Now and then I'd stumble upon some myself; and I'm sure a great many of users have as well.

This could be because of them being too cheap(or financially unable) to get a membership by some means and using this method to chat; or them not deciding to just exchange some form of messenger information with the people they want to talk to.

I suggest making a certain minimal character requirement for posting in the forums to stump the bumps of these messages? And if possible a way to clean up all the trivial one or two word responses we see? May not bother many so I don't really know how this suggestion will get viewed. Just seems a bit annoying.
I do not agree as some messages can be one or two words ...

Thanks - for instance. or solved.
Ter13 resolved issue (Redundant)