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Using this as an example, because it's the last page I visited.

When you click on an image to bring it up, you look at it then have to close it to bring up the next image. As a minor feature request, would it be possible for us to navigate images by our left-right key? It'd make browsing through images feel more natural, as some websites have this implemented. Example of implementation.

It's a very small feature, but as more websites seem to be using this sort of thing, it'd feel a little more natural while browsing the site.
It would be nice if there were arrow buttons on the left and right side of the screenshots as well. Possibly ones that only showed when you mouse-over the screenshot. That you can click on to move between screenshots.
I'd definitely like to improve our screenshot display. First priority is making it use our new lightbox setup, but I've had massive issues with this in Chrome, mostly (but apparently not entirely) due to the stupid legacy Webkit bug that fires onload events too quickly.