If you would have properly read my comments then you would not be facing any issues. I do not see how your view was wrong. Your verbs disappeared because you are supposed to re-add them to your character once you log back in. Same goes for your icon.

loc = locate(f["x"], f["y"], f["z"])
world << "[src] has logged back in."
active = 1 // now you will be able to activate auto-saving
icon = 'player icon.dmi' // change the icon once they log in (reloading it)
verbs += typesof(/mob/somepath/verb) // re-add your "special-path" verbs
Hey there, I was just creating my "Create" to he put his name and whatever, code behind:

src<<"<font color = red><b>Erro</b>:Essa conta já possui um char nesse servidor"
mob.loc = locate(50,50,85)
L = list("font size","big","small")
T = list("'","¬","¹","²","³","£","¢","°","ª","º")
var/name = input("","Nome") as text|null
if(length(name) < 2)
alert("Seu nome precisa ter mais de 2 caracteres!")
if(length(name) > 20)
alert("Seu nome não pode conter mais que 20 caracteres!")
for(var/X in L)
alert("Você não pode alterar o tamanho do nome!")
for(var/X in T)
alert("Você não pode usar esses caracteres!")
perspective = EYE_PERSPECTIVE
eye = locate(21,45,2)
view = "50x35"

So, in the game, when I click "NEW", a error appears to me:
Luan12 has logged in!
runtime error: Cannot modify null.loc.
proc name: create (/client/proc/create)
source file: Sistema de Login.dm,237
usr: null
src: Luan12 (/client)
call stack:
Luan12 (/client): create()
Luan12 (/client): newcharacter()
Luan12 (/client): chooseoption("New")
Luan12 (/client): New()
You have started a new game.

I really don't know how to do this, with my other SAVE SYSTEM (which bugs sometimes) it all work, only difference that wasn't client/proc, was mob/proc... Both methodes appears the same bug.

Best Resgards,
In response to Lummox JR
Lummox JR wrote:
Unless I'm way out of date on this, it can't be done directly
It can be. There is no need to use >> operators when loading, not sure about saving.

Luan12 wrote:
So, in the game, when I click "NEW", a error appears to me
That appears to be running in client/New(), not when you click on something? If you haven't run the parent yet, then the mob won't be connected, and will therefor give you a null error.

Was the original system giving you any errors?
In response to Luan12
Replace the client/New() with this and try again:

world << "[src] has logged in!"
chooseoption() // call the action to new/load/delete a game
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