I thought of the BYOND community after viewing this video that I found on a wordpress I am subscribed to.

Simply put; there was a conversation about game ideas and where to start I was involved in here. My suggestion was to revamp an old playstyle from a game and give it perhaps a modern face-lift. This video partially comes into play for something I had wanted to get across to the user in that post; and most wanting ideas. One playstyle could work; but thinking outside the box and mixing it up in a manner that hopefully won't be too overly complicated? Good stuff.

Granted you'd have to replace graphics, uses, and may be subtle when being inspired by playstyle(s) of other games and not just carbon copy them to begin some form of originality, but starting somewhere never hurts.

Please Note:
Not a whole lot of developers will probably agree with this train of thought; or I might get surprised and they do. Who knows?