by Yut Put
Explore epic dungeons and slay epic foes with your friends in a huge, epic fantasy action RPG world.
0.4 was released earlier today. Off the top of my head, this update contains:

-bug fixes and minor mechanic improvements galore
-4 new dungeons for the new town of Grouhl(which each have lots of new gear, crafting stuff, etc)
-a vanity item slot, which allows you to wear items that have no stat effect(like angel wings)
-an orb slot, which allows you to equip special orbs that grant your character passive abilities
-shield bumping(attack with the shield to stun opponents by shielding and pressing the other button)
-gear dyes
-rebalances and combat improvements
-AoE class abilities
-dagger progression for fast dps characters(shout-out to empirezteam)
-healer fix, and more healer support
-energy shield class abilites(reflects projectiles)
-map changes w/ reduced ench. crystal spam
-visual effects added
-huge graphical overhaul
-abilities can now be switched between slots by dragging
-music and sound
.............and other stuff lol

EDIT: released 0.41, with minor bug fixes and stuff.
-projectiles fixed
-wires played with to be more intuitive
-some icons changed(mostly objects)
-quest NPCs located in dungeons moved to mainland
-quest NPCs now face south(and any other direction, for that matter)
-other random things
-yut put is bawss?

EDIT 2: released 0.41b, which has even more fixes and changes. (credit to superfetch and falcon lazorz for feedback. i literally change things on the fly completely based around whatever feedback i get)
-fixed aoe and energy shield c/d and costs and rebalanced energy shields
-aoe abilities dont stun friendlies
-set summon chaos' mp cost to 20 so new users can easily try it
-fixed icon for some quest npcs
-added an "auto sell" option which toggles whether you'll be prompted to sell items or not
-moved auto sell and music into an options menu instead of file
-balanced bows so that they don't become slower each tier
-fixed a couple runtime errors
-set guild price to 3000 gold
-lots of other stuff? mostly just changing whatever the users point out

apologies if the constant updates are pestering you, haha

NOTE: You need the latest version of the BYOND beta to play this game. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.
No video....
okay, okay, i'll make a video. haha
In response to Yut Put
Hurry! I R waiting =D
IIt's only with me that this game is giving problems???

First the game load for a reeaaaly long time, then it has some errors with a cannon and was really lag(single player).

Then the game update, the long loading continue but now the screen went black and the only thing that work is the sound...
The current version should work fine. The turret errors were fixed. I'm not sure what would cause a black screen. Some times it takes forever to load, and you just have to wait a minute or two, even after you hear the music. The map is HUGE and has TONS of enemies, so it takes BYOND a while to get things goin'
Forgive me for the delay, but here's your video!

edit: celebrating 100th download haha :p not all of those downloads were by people with the beta but thats okay because its 100 :)