It is Amazing.
Thanks been a rough two days working on this.
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Teka123 wrote:
It is Amazing.

I know.. and its not finished....

Note: @Teka123 you see what i did there.
Lol Akriloth XD, Anyway good job Zane, You should have a rest now, you've done well.
Wow I really enjoyed just looking at the progression of the pictures and can't wait to see it when it's finished haha. Like everyone else said, it already looks great!
This is probably the last update ill be posting.the rest left to do is pretty much too small. so for now this is the final version.

Its Awesome!!!!
I swear to God, if you don't end up releasing this, I will beat you to death with a brick. It's the only BYOND game I've been this hyped up for in a long time!
*thumbs Up*
I can guarantee you, Spirit Age will be released.
super amazing. +1
*Throws Pokeballs at Zane*
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*highjack* Which one? Click image? ;)
This looks amazing, it's beautiful. The paper canvas looks alright, in a perspective.
*Jaw Drops*
I Think the canvas background was a bad idea. the pixel art looks amazing though.
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*added non-canvased*
I like the 1st one.
Now that I see it in the three variations I also agree on the first one.
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