Is that black spot supposed to be there? Right below the dot of the first i in spirit
@Chris The first one is the best one saving for wallpaper, now thats what you call high jacking.
I agree with my bro those photoshop filters look awful and the text looked better how it was before the new text the dots on the i's are too high and the composistion seems off.
Yea that black line to the top of the large fire logo is irritating me.
That just a leftover artifact from the previous text. its not in any of the current versions
@gayle, I liked zane's version the most. The filters look bad. And the artwork is gorgeous haha but the two females' faces look mildly awkward, the one with the long green hair in particular
In response to Yut Put
I think it's the green haired girl's nose that makes her look strange. It needs to be a little longer (in width).
The water girl's clothes really kills the background, it blends in together too much. You basically killed her when you gave her that color choice. I understand shes water and everything and her clothes would be somewhat blue.

The middle girl seems to stand out the most(don't know if thats intentional or not.) The earth dude seems like the weakest out of everyone else he just doesn't stand out probably due to where he's at and how his element is just so tiny compared to the rest. Maybe add a mountain for him in the background? Same with the fire, just doesn't feel like they stand out much.
I like it. Following up with Mesmerise:

1) The flames need a bit of added intensity
2) The earth part could be made to look more rugged
3) The green haired girl's face doesn't feel very feminine to me
A simple nose edit and chin edit look good for the green haired female. At least I think. She looks more feminine now.

This is actually inspiring me to make my game original. (Though I probably wouldn't have great art like that. xD)
Hehe I really wish you guys had come much sooner. I've been working on that for at least 14 hours, and to say the least im sick of looking at.I'll fix up those anatomical errors as soon as i get that drive back.(my largest pixel piece to date)and I'm more or less satisfied with the results(I need a pat on the back for now quitting halfway through *Nods*)

But regarding what Mesmerise said, The Earth guy in design was more or less a pacifist, So i incorporated that into his design. The girl in the center is actually my favorite design, And Im guilty of paying more attention to her than the others.

Regarding the Flames, I honestly tried not to make them as flashy as they should be, simply because I saw fire overshadowing the other characters. Ill do my best have these errors fixed as quickly as I can
Branks did it right
I really know how it is when you just cant look at your piece after fewteen hours of work on it, so i will just ignore some anatomical issues.. But flames are ugly, really. And i'm not talking about missing a steam or smoke (should 'start' softer, now it just grows up from water/clouds, im not sure), but flames itself. Look at references search?um=1&hl=pl&noj=1&gbv=2&tbm=isch&q=flames&revid=135990 6467&sa=X&ei=6HRJT8_XLcmEOsqnyfoN&ved=0CDsQgxY&biw=1366&bih= 628
the flames honestly didn't turn out the way I pictured it in my head. so ill definitely be fixing that.
First of all the picture lacks any sensible composition.
The pallete intensity of sprites dont match. anatomical issues are less important as well as different size of the characters doesnt matter.

I'd loose the concept of detail and try to picture their silhoutes instead. Their elements aswell. This will allow you to firstly cover your anatomical issues, shading and everything else thats wrong and we amateurs dont see it.

Secondly it will give you relief and new ideas will come to your mind what to add to such a simple design.

You can always make a gimmick that whichever silhoute is mouse'd over , it will show the character in full glory and give you some time to practice anatomy.

you could think of a scene that makes sense all of them being together at and their elements, or stay by this 'showcase' concept but try to have each of their elements or attitudes 'show off' . just like the pacifist dude.

now its a total mess.

Oh and that flame thing is great. I wouldnt go for a realistic flame, this is pixel art, whoever wants realistic in pixel art clearly missed on their calling.

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