Used to really enjoy playing a lot of new bleach games(others also just using this as an example). Haven't really tried searching for a while but i'm very confused while looking. There used to be pages and pages when I searched for bleach but now there is only one (which makes me sad I like options). Some of the games I have favorited on my pager I cant even get to come up through searches. How do I find all these lost games?
I swear I'd have several hundred dollars if I had a nickel for each time this has been asked. For an honest answer, most games based on someone else's intellectual property (aka Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball, etc. fangames) have been hidden on the the hub and in searches. This isn't the fault of BYOND, this is because the owner's of these intellectual properties (such as FUNimation) have demanded these games to be removed. You might have luck with the fangame tag, though I doubt it.

EDIT: I made a mistake. The anime tag might suit your searches better. :)
On top of comment #1, most of the games you're probably speaking of were removed because they were carbon-copies of other games already listed. This is undesirable for the BYOND community, since our ultimate goal is to be taken seriously by other Indie Game development sites and such.

BYOND no longer wants to be known as "That anime rip game site" and instead be considered "A cool way to make your own game. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to pick up on the language, even for someone that has absolutely no background in programming." Which one sounds better?
I actually enjoyed some of the copied games the most. I found them quite fun and the some that averaged like 5-20 players I absolutely loved because most of the time it was very easy to become friends with these people (players and owners). I found these games to be social and fun to play which is one of the reasons I used to enjoy byond so much.