by F0lak
Role-play a fantasy life in this medieval RPG set in a completely player-developed world!
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Member Benefits
Fancy Member label in the 'Who' list.
+10 Health
+10 Stamina
+5 Strength
+50% Gather Rate*
+5 Inventory limit*

* Does not Stack with other applicable bonuses."

I have aa couple of questions.

Do you have to be a BYOND member to subscribe to Haz, or can we just subscribe to Haz and get those benefits.

Also, if I were a BYOND member would I get those features without subscribing to Haz?
1) No. You can subscribe without being a BYOND member.

2) Yes. The bonuses marked with an asterisk (*) don't stack with the sub benefits (of which there are more). Subs get these same benefits, so the gather rate and inventory limit don't go up extra for having both, the other bonuses however, do.
Thank you, F0lak!