I've noticed that when I begin my game, it opens up towards the top of the screen. I'd rather have it in the center, so I can grasp the players attention immediately. Note that the window doesn't have the resize option.

How would I automatically adjust the games window to open up in the center of the screen?

Example: Decadence



Edit: I just realized that Decadence doesn't center it to the screen but rather loads it to the last pos it was in.
winset it's position("pos").


something like that.
You could use Javascript to get player's screen resolution.
That'll allow you to position window at the center.
Window_Position_X = Resolution_Width / 2 - Window_Width / 2
Window_Position_Y = Resolution_Height / 2 - Window_Height / 2
I tried doing that, Zaoshi, but the position of the window kept going off screen. Towards the northwest. I created an output for the results which came out to be -400x-320. In the variables, I did an abs() to make them positive but it still didn't center the window.
-400x-320 sounds like your window is 800x640, meaning getting resolution failed.
Well, after that attempt, a friend pointed out the WinFX Library and showed me that there are a few procedures that get the resolution and it also had a procedure to center the window. So I decided to implement it.

Thanks for the help!