Hey peeps my name's Toa. I ve been on byond for quite some time. Started it out a gamer and got interested in pixel art.

This is my first publish I expect an honest feedback from you guys. TheOneAbove-0001/Legacies%20I.png

Thanks alrdy
You missed what I think you were aiming for, but with that you made a helluva unique art style that I really like. The trees, grass and cliff(cliff could use a little variation) look like a completely different art style and I kind of love its simplicity. Although the rest of the stuff doesn't really seem to work out right!

Nonetheless, for your first published stab at pixel art, it looks great! Much better than when I first started messing with pixel art!
make the trees' leaves monochromatic, they look really cool
@Yutput I made the trees monochromatic they indeed look way bettter thanks man.

@Kumorii thanks i l try harder