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i have windows 7 , and use Google chrome mostly.

Well when i try to load up the list for anime games on my pager they never show up, in fact no other category shows up but my favorites.

on my web browser when i am on byond i cannot Fan, Favorite,or see their website/forum but share is still optional, now i thought this was just because of my browser (Google Chrome) but i tried internet explorer as well and same results?

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Hi Danielzilla,

BYOND has recently updated the website, and I think your simply not aware of some of the changes/ new systems that have been put into place/ replaced the old systems.

First, the reason why your no longer getting results for BYOND anime, or any of the other BYOND guilds, is because these guilds have been phased out. Guilds and blogs were phased out in favor of a more "forum-oriented" website set up.

Regardless, the BYOND pager's Game In: Drop-down selection relied on these listings being present in guilds, and now that they no longer exist, this drop-down menu is also non-functional. This feature will be removed in the next version of the BYOND software.

Second, make sure you are logged into the website, if your logged into the website, you will be able to see menus that look like this:


The "fan/unfan" feature is still in place, but has been changed to a +/- style selection. To "fan" a game, simply click the + button next to the game's fan count. To unfan a game, click the - button next to the game's fan count.

If the page posted a website link, it should still be visible, however, if they had a forum link, BYOND has phased out support for off-site forums by providing forums, located in the Discussion tab. (Although I read that some developers still have an interest in their off-site presences and forums, and BYOND may be working to accommodate that, so the current functionality of the forums may change.)

Hopefully this will help you with the new site format!
Thanks for the info!