It's the weekend! Hooray! The birds are singing1, you don't have to work today2, and the sun is shining down3 beckoning you to engage in a day of outdoorsy activities! What better time to check out a certain awesome computer game that I just happened to write?

Remember, place your order with the discount code ZRT000RI before July 11, 2007 and receive 20% off the normal purchase price of $18.95 USD!

(click to enlarge screenshot)

(1. Unless they're not.)

(2. Unless you do.)

(3. I assume it's shining down where you are, because it's drizzling intermittently here and the sunshine has to go somewhere, right?)
Just wondering, how many copies have you sold so far?
Are you also going to hold this deal when you have the Linux version for sale?
Tib - Not enough. :-)

Ol' Yeller - I hadn't thought about it. I suppose I should for the sake of fairness, but it'll only apply to the Linux version (unless I change my mind).
I never really played the BYOND version(I do love the name, though!), is the gameplay, other than speed/graphics, different?

Oh, and, what the heck: the game seems pretty fun, perhaps I'll buy it later today. =)
The core gameplay is the same, allowing for minor changes and improvements to map generation, AI, and so on. There are also some game settings you can change (not available in the demo) that change the experience somewhat.

The only significant change is that planets can have varying sizes in Mayhem Intergalactic; bigger ones produce more ships. The BYOND version didn't have this feature. It doesn't change things very much; it just adds a bit more interest to the tactical decisions you're presented with.
Hey, in the trailer there's a planet called Ahza. :D