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It seems some games reward people for adding the game to members favorites. Where here is a proc I've developed to check a members favorites and return the rank of the game if it is indeed on the page.

This is the worst idea I've seen in a while.
er, theres definetly a demand for it. However games that reward you for putting them on the favorites list is seriously KILLING the anime guild. You get inferrior games with higher ranks than the good ones. I mean the game owners having to manually make sure the people keep them ranked was sort of the karma punishment, making it this easy to do is baad!!
Oh, I've managed to make a code in one of the games I'm coding for, that if you removed it from your favorites, it completely takes away your member gifts and bonus stats.
Sorry, you failed.

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Killer, please remove my game from your hub. I am trying to keep it in the unpublished section so people join it.