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when you put four videos, music, dozens of entirely random pictures just scattered about, and another random assortment of counters, banners, menus, and buttons all over a stinking myspace page. Your pages are unnavigable, indecipherable, and absurdly slow.

I'm done now... ;)

You're thinking that you have the most 1337 and attractive MySpace that everyone must see. You're also thinking it's a great way to advocate Facebook instead. :)
Yeah! I really dislike that. Of course, I do it a little too. :)

On my page, I have music using the default player and one properly-sized banner that doesn't get in the way of things. But those people who put videos and giant pictures all over the place... I've got friends who do that and it drives me crazy.

Hiead does have a point, but I've seen some pretty messed up Facebook pages as well.
flicky has a myspace now ;)
Actually, no I don't. (At least, I don't think so. I've signed up for a number of things over the years and forgotten about, so I guess it is possible.) Somebody from work wanted me to message them through their myspace page, and it was brutal. I'm not really social enough to bother with myspace. :P
What I can't stand are those pages that you're forced to look at, and they seem to deem it necessary to input at least 5-10 music videos on their page at once. So it takes a good 10 minutes to load the page as it attempts to load all 10 videos.