Well, I am only 13, turning 14 in 19 days. I have noticed that alot of people that are a few months younger than me are consuming alcohol alot. Sure, I have had a glass of wine or 2 at weddings, a sip of beer here or there, and maybe a jello shot or 2, but that was with my parents permission. I do not drink alcohol more than 1 little amount per year. But some of the people I know are having 2 bottles of Bacardi for 6 13 year olds, beer, etc. I guess they have fun with it? Whatever the cause is, I am worried that it will end badly. Some of them are going to be alcoholics. Some of them get drunk about every other week. So, what will happen in 3 years when they get their license? Are they going to be seriously injured, or possibly die? Are they going to injure or kill someone in a car accident? I don't know. Hell, they may never do anything dumb, but still, what makes them think they are mature because they drink or whatever? I have been offered alcohol by friends, I declined it. I go to my friends houses when they drink, I dont touch the stuff. I keep them out of trouble with it. I know 99% of the people on this site drank under aged, I don't care. I am just saying that they are starting to young. Hell, some 12 year olds are getting into it. I meen like 20 of the kids who were in 6th grade last year do, and they post pictures and videos of it on myspace. Anyway, this is just a little rant about it. Comment it please?
This is true, kids are getting more involved with alcohol...but not just that...pretty much every drug and everything has increased in use in the past 20 years...It just goes to show you where the worlds going to end up.
Keywords: alcohol, drinking, underage, abuse, aza, drunk
A bunch of retards that are easily influenced.just like the situation with girls and wanting to be whores.
Wow 13? That's hardcore.
I can't have alcohol, or I will could possibly die from my disease. . . .yay
Theres nothing wrong with getting drunk occasionally, Once a month? But starting that early, and that frequently can really harm your ability to learn. Just ignore them, they are trying to act cool, even though they are hurting themselves in the end. I've seen middle and high schoolers smoking on their way home from school, it's disturbing what many people do at such a young age.
Haha, AZA.
Wait... 6th Graders have myspaces?
Jeeze... When did they get them?
I can see a 1st grader sign up for his / her myspace the first day of school. :P
Wow, I get alot of responses thanks.
BigBoiD wrote:
Keywords: alcohol, drinking, underage, abuse, aza, drunk

View my videos on youtubve, by revojake8, for info on that XD
Question, why am I involved in an 'acohol and teenagers' post?

Anyway - just search youtube for 'aza byond' and you'll get it. >_>

Lol @ my drunkness.
If it just wasn't such a cultural taboo in America then the idea that it was cool to get drunk at an early age would not be as much of a problem.