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Hai BYOND world ^^
So, I'm currently working with my love on a huge MMO'ish game with included soundtrack in MIDI format. We tested one of the first songs, and we already encountered a problem.
Now, me and my love got very different computers, and I know my soundcard is a bit faulty, but we've both been noticing that several notes from the music is missing, and it's always the same notes.
Is there any way to fix this, or is it just something with the client limiting BYOND?
Thank you so much if you want to help us here, we're working really hard and we sure hope this game will turn out good ^^;;
Most likely it's something with your soundcard, unless you see the same notes missing on multiple computers. A better option would be upgrading the soundtrack to a module format (.mod, .xm, .it, .s3m); you can find good modules at
To rule out your audio(speakers or w/e) or soundcard truncating pieces of audio normally see if you can hear the same missing notes in Windows Media Player or if they miss it on that too...

It's could be hardware limitation, speakers or soundcard not playing it correctly.

Converting it may help too but i've noticed sound problems with multiple audio formats, and it's only certain frequencies or notes that it just is blank where actual audio should be & it doesn't matter what I play it with, the program....
Nono, in windows media player it all sounds good, but when it was put into the BYOND game notes started missing =o

It's a midi made in FL studio =o
BYOND games use the FMod library to play sounds and music, and that should be sending the MIDI more or less directly to Windows which in turn talks to your sound card. WMP may be playing the MIDI in a different way; perhaps it supports some aspects of the file that other players don't. One thing you can try is testing the same file in Winamp; if Winamp has an issue with your MIDI, it's a fair bet most programs will.