Alright, I use the switch command to allow me to show the user text and give them a list of what to reply, but the reply is always to long. I know that /n is used for alert, but what can I do to tab it down in the switch command.

Can you give an example?
 switch(input("Oh, your [], heard you were a bit of a jerk.", text) in list ("I don't care about being liked.","Heh yah, having a bad day, I apologize."))
if("I don't care about being liked.")
switch(input("You will if you want to be paid. *He then smacks you* And respect your elders. Kill the pirate king behind me, then meet me in the next town for payment.", text) in list ("AH! I should kill you... Your lucky. I'll do what you wish.","Heh, I will destroy everything precious to you... But the Pirate is first!"))
if("AH! I should kill you... Your lucky. I'll do what you wish.") += 1
usr.bad_karma += 5
usr.HP -= 5
I don't think what you're trying to do is even possible.
Seriously? No way to make numerous lines of text off of one little thing? Guess I will shorten the responses. Thx anyways.
I would use an interface for these or a pane ... and just a href each line of text.

Obviously they pick there response by clicking the text and then repeat.

Up to you however interfaces allow for more customizability graphics styles colors etc.
It is very possible, maybe you're doing it wrong.

switch(input(src, "line one\nline two", "title") in list ("option 1", "option 2"))
if("option 1")
world << "you win!"
if("option 2")
world << "you lose!"
I think he meant for the text in list ...
Yeah, what he's trying to achieve is for each possible selection in the list to be broken up to take up more than one line. The only way I can think to do this would be with a custom designed interface element.

Edit: Example of what he's trying to do:

| Enter an input choice! |
| - this is one choice, and he |
| wants it to display like so |
| - this is another choice |
| - here's a third choice just |
| to fill some space |
| - another filler choice! |

That, in an input window.
Maybe you should make it a suggestion to be able to do so or to be able to make it automatically word wrap it to the next line if it's too long...but as far as I know you can't make it currently because the selection would have to expand to multiple lines of text & the control their using for selection just doesn't have that ability natively, they'd have to program their own control for selecting items from a list to add that function...

Even just the ability to resize the window might be nice though because seriously, if you could make it wider you could read the whole response...or if there was code to make the input window wider as an extra named paremeter passed to input(width) & it just opened wider...

If you make your own interface though you can do it whatever way you want...

Another way could be not to use input at all & click a response on-screen or possibly in the text output have it show the possible responses & make that clickable...have to do a little work so the actions carried out are valid since you can't exactly make the options un-clickable after....
I can't see them making something possible that users can already do if they simply make their own controls.
Alright, so how would I create an interface, I've been meaning to do that anyways. Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Wait, and interface that pops up when you talk to the Npc's, correct?
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I think you can create custom dialog boxes with some library out there, I don't recall. You can also use the browser to have displayed what you want in HTML. Albeit if you create an interface you have to redesign the complete UI and then you can add dialog boxes according to what you want/need.
So, I would need to use Lummox JR's?
You don't need to, but you can. His guide was great for the newbies to interfaces.
Thank you, also, do you know if his includes the way to make a pop-up window like I need?