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Hello anonymous,

I wanted to express my gratitude for your purchase of a one-year BYOND membership with me as the beneficiary. It certainly came to be an unexpected surprise upon login, seeing the standard BYOND man standing next to my name.

Being the first time since BYOND offered a free membership trial, when the membership concept was first introduced years ago, that I have held a membership, I'm very excited, especially in this ever-growing community. It is within my greatest intentions to complete goals that I have set forth, and unfinished, in my duration of time within this site.

I respect your decision to remain anonymous, just as much as I respect your decision to purchase a membership in my name, given the magnitude of other possible recipients.

I personally want to thank you in the greatest way in which I am able. Thank you for your monetary support for BYOND, thank you for your investment and interest in myself, thank you for your dedication to the community in general, and thank you, for simply being you. It is, in part, because of people such as yourself, BYOND is the great place it is today, and the better place it will be tomorrow.

Thank you.

If you have ever been the recipient of an anonymously donated BYOND membership, and have never been given the opportunity to thank them, please take a few moments to do so in the comment thread below.
You're welcome.. Just playing. Congrats man!
Thanks Tim.