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Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
This is something that did indeed make me so curious as to ask here on the Feature Request Forum. I would really like to see a feature for members to pay for an on-site server hosting of games. Tom and Lummox would first need to purchase several servers for this reason, add on-site support for setup and whatnot on the website, and other various functions. I would easily be willing to pay for server bandwidth to host any of my projects. I think that it would be best done in packages, prices ranging based on the bandwidth of the server used. I think that many developers would take the opportunity on server hosting fairly joyously. People are always looking for server hosts, so adding cheap server space and DD support would give these developers a much needed standard option.

BYOND in general would have such massive opportunities to generate even more profit from this. I would assume that $15 a month would allow for quite a bit of usable bandwidth, probably enough to host 2-3 servers on. In the great scale of things, $15 a month is ridiculously cheap, especially for those who actually have jobs, even if they're only part-time *Raises Hand*. People complain about BYOND Memberships at $24 a YEAR, but that's nothing, and $15 a month certainly wouldn't put any dents into my paycheck. Doing my math, that's about $3.75 a week? Seriously cheap. The servers purchased would pay for themselves relatively quickly and soon be generating full profit. If Tom and Lummox are even willing to consider this as a website option, I would be more than willing to donate a few dollars every week to help them with the initial purchase of new servers, and I'm sure some of the older and more dedicated member's will be willing to help donate too.

If anyone else has anything to add to my soapbox speech, please don't hesitate to comment, and if you would like to see this as a feature on BYOND, please speak up!
Although it would be nice, Tom needs to be able to support himself before he can worry about paying an addition couple hundred dollars a month for servers that may or may not be used. BYONDPanel is an ideal alternative, though.
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Actually servers can be bought in and of themselves, that's what I meant when I stated that they purchase servers. It would be a laughably ignorant idea to purchase server space at a monthly rate. I think that if the BYOND community were to at least pitch in somewhat with this, Tom and Lummox both can profit greatly. BYOND has always been extremely cheap in its pricing, and server space would hardly be any different I would think. I would just like to see two birds killed with one stone. You can satisfy those who require a reliable host without it arguing back, and that can supply an amazing amount of bandwidth, and BYOND can generate more revenue. I understand that there might be quite a bit of server space not used, but with the upcoming flash features and whatnot, a reliable host is, without doubt, needed to host outside of the scope of BYOND, meaning that many more people will be turning toward more automated solutions to server hosting.
While I think it's a cool idea, and one we've explored before, we simply don't have the manpower or time to continue to extend this project in so many different directions (just managing the software and the website is a lot of work). A reliable server setup requires people monitoring things 24/7, and I think this is best left to a third party.
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Ah, so it's an ordeal on the basis more along, "One thing at a time" which is perfectly understandable. I can see how with only you and Lummox doing all of this work, how daunting it can be. BYOND doesn't make enough revenue to hire another person to manage the website and servers while you two work solely on the software, so the issue with manpower is more or less the fact that there's no more room for anyone else, if I'm correct. You guys have plenty on your plate for this year and the next, so most people can sympathize. BYONDpanel does a very nice job itself with server hosting and I don't expect it to go anywhere anytime soon.
BYONDPanel will not be going anywhere any time soon :)

In fact I just moved data centres (it was a support issue) to Jacksonville.

Boy and I can tell you these servers are fast I get 4MB/s download and I am in Australia (4.2MB) is my line speed.

I really really hope to hire someone. one day :)
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