A progressive game is one where it constantly gets added to as players interact with it in the first place.

This is a major discussion to decide what kind of progressive game would be best for byond, but it must be original.
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May as well... nothing better than an omni game.
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Well..In actuality a "progressive" game is just a game that you can progress in...Usually they are trapped in a predefined progressive path, which eventually ends (AKA beating a game).

Most Action games have progression in Byond. If I start at level 1 and get to level 2, that's progression. A basic form be it, it's still progression.

A progressive game is just having progression. What you're describing is more of dynamic progression system which is different from the sort of static basic template that's used in most games.

In my opinion, I think a single player game...With a story line that depends on your actions (still sort of static) would be better than the basic level and conquer theme.

Hmm...Maybe I don't understand the question entirely.
Response To : Kyle2120 As far as I know a 'progressive game' is not a technical definition, if you disagree then please point it out in a dictionary. So in 'actuality' a progressive game is whatever the thread author defined it to be for the purposes of the discussion. It's a time saving technique so that everyone in the thread knows what each other is talking about.

Developus (the thread author) said :

"A progressive game is one where it constantly gets added to as players interact with it in the first place"

Basically, as the number of players increases, so does the amount of game content. For example, imagine we have a place called flatland where there is nothing in sight except for flat concrete. This is an non-progressive game, there is no way for players to add anything new to interact with. If I then give players the ability to construct homes in flatland, it becomes a progressive game (as by the definition of the author).

With that out of the way I can respond to Developus. You asked what progressive game would be best for Byond under the condition that it's original. I think what you have created is a fallacy. You seem to be under the impression that the best progressive game would be original. I don't understand why you assume this.

Games fall under the same rule of thumb as nearly every aspect of human creation. 'Everything is a remix'. This does not mean that all of the best ideas have already been discovered, it just means that the best ideas are evolutions of previous designs whether the developer knows it or not. It's game evolution.

The perfect example of this is the Sims. Looking after a virtual characters needs or creating a house are not all new concepts, yet the Sims is widely regarded as an original creation.

Anyway... Back to the discussion at hand. It is my belief that there is no 'best' progressive game for Byond at all, there are many excellent progressive game concepts that would all succeed. They follow all the same rules of game design as any other game, they just include player created content and it's that simple.

If you're looking to make a progressive game then simply take a concept that you enjoy. Maybe it's blasting Aliens away on the 9th moon of Seltron IV, it doesn't matter. Now look at the aspects of this game that would be fun if you provided the player with the systems to modify them. You should be faced with many questions, such as :

" If I let players edit 'X', how much can I let players edit it before it could possibly damage the experience of other players, or is damaging the experience of other players the point to the game? In which case giving players very few limitations to wage war on each other could be very good thing. "

If you're not asking questions like this then you're not designing. Anyway, see if you can do that and you'll be on your way.

My thoughts...