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im trying to make a healthbar, ive looked at tons of tutorials and still dont know how to make a healthbar, i found a BAR option in the interface file. I have my bar but how do i make it move along with my hp?

please help its appriciated ;)
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Update it every time your health changes.

winset(src, "healthbar", "value = [round((hp / maxhp) * 100)]")
it works but then it says unrecognized or inaccessable verb hp.

but i clearly stated verb hp, then i tried usr.hp mmm
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Do not copy and paste what I provided, set it up according to the way your variables are.

mob/var/tmp/previoushealth = 0 // the previous amount of health
mob/var/health = 10 // health currently
mob/var/maxhealth = 10 // maximum health

if(previoushealth != health) // disables constant winset() updates
previoushealth = health
winset(src, "healthbar", "value = [round((health / maxhealth) * 100)]")
k i put all the variables inside variable code file.

so now i dont need to write those above that anymore.

so with the mob/Stat() and below i just put that every time my health changes?
how do i recall that when my hp changes?
or am i only getting an error since i created a verb that would subtract my health,? sorry for asking so many questions i should have just asked in 1 post really sorry about that
nvm fixed it all sorry for wasteing space, its because accadently in the options tab of my HP bar in the interface file i accadently put HP thats why thanks so much neimo ;)

very much appriciated
there is one more thing i could use help with atm,

i have

say(msg as text)

but how do i make it so what ever you type in is msg instead of having to type say first or clicking the verb?
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You can change the command of your input control to the name of your verb, "say", in the interface editor.
i dont understand can u type an example?
There isn't really any typing involved. In the editor, open your input control's options and go to the tab that has Command and it should say there what you should do.
aah thanks so in the interface file where i had my input message thing. i go into options and type say in the box,

can you tell me how to make an EXP bar with the interface BAR thing.

i tried to make it the same way i had my HP and MP bar but i want it to go up not down so im totally confused.

help is appriciated ;)
ooh and another question is it possible to put text over my BAR health and BAR MP and BAR exp. my bars are INTERFACE BARS.

if that makes a diff
Please make that question a separate topic, and provide some sample DMF files similar to your own one (or even better, your working DMF file).
i made it the exact same way neimo made it up in the post. i just want to know how to make an exp bar with the interface bar choice
You make it the same exact way, except you replace hp with experience and maxhp with maxexperience.
thats exactly what i did but it starts at 100% and it doesnt change at all
ooo i have a levelcheck proc so now im thinking that i would need to put that in aswell?
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