Keywords: mapformat
Does anyone use them? I always have problems when I try to work with them, especially with pixel movement.
Specifically, some things appear to get covered up by a nearby turf in side-map mode, and F_a's pixel movement library's isometric demo has pretty much always shown off the layering issues with that
Side-map mode also expects you to use wide rectangular icon sizes instead of square, which I don't really find useful being handled automatically when all I want from it is my player being covered by a tree when positioned behind it, and covering the tree when in front of it.

It may just be something I don't understand properly. It seemed so straightforward at first. Maybe Forum_account just needs to write a tutorial or a library on it before I'm allowed to understand it.
Originally I figured the layering on isometric maps was screwy because I had to use pixel_x and pixel_y, and they may not have been factored in properly. Now that we have the step_x and step_y vars it shouldn't be as much of an issue. I've never tried to figure out how it works or why it's often incorrect.

I think it'd be really cool to make a Super Mario RPG type of game using pixel movement on an isometric map but with how badly layering is handled, it'd look terrible.